Word from Photographer

It’s difficult to explain in a few words why one loves taking lonely journeys to cemeteries waiting for the right light to take a picture, for a crow to land or reading epitaphs and expect people to understand your passion.

What I know is that I have never thought to cemeteries as the fields of grief but rather as open air museums able to tell us history and tradition of a nation, places worth to pay a visit at.

And above all I have always admired burial art as a real form of art. And that’s basically why, in the early 90ies, I started taking those pictures which you can see today in this site.

– Roberta Wilde


Exhibitions and awards

  • Exihibited in “La Muerte en Cartelera”, Irapuato, Mexico, 2012
  • Exhibited in “La Muerte en Cartelera”, Irapuato, Mexico 2013
  • Gained finals at the international Literary and Photographic contest “Seeing beyond in Facing Death”, Padua, Italy, 2014
  • Exhibited in “La Muerte en Cartelera”,  Irapuato & Guanajuato, Mexico 2018