While visiting a Cemetery we can make a step into a sometimes sumptuous past, but also get its message by simply looking around. So, hereby listed, just some of the many symbols our Ancestors used to communicate with us.

Alpha & Omega first and last letter of the Greek Alphabet (AΩ) represent the Beginning and the End
Anchor hope and firmness, eternal life
Angel their mean is connected with what they hold, but generally speaking they symbolize the dead’s escort to Heaven
Arch or gate triumph or victory of life on death
Arrow martyrdom, mortality
Bells worship, day of Judgement
Bird soul flying to Heavens
Boat trip to the other life
Bones death, decay
Book can represent the book of life or the Bible
Broken column broken life, loss of the head of the family
Broken flower premature death
Butterfly rebirth, renovation of live
Calla flower wedding or resurrection
Candle flame: life, snuffed: time passing, mortality
Celtic cross with circle symbolizes eternity
Chain if broken, depicts the death of a member of the family
Chair if vacant, represents the death of a child
Cherub like angel symbolism, usually put on children’s graves
Coffins mortality
Column end of life, sorrow. If broken, generally represents the death of the head of a family
Corn rebirth, fertility
Crests family backgrounds
Cross Christian symbol, salvation
Crown glory, victory
Cup from Christian tradition
Daisy innocence
Dog faithfulness
Door entrance to the Reign of Death
Dove symbol of resurrection and peace
Dragon as defeated by St. George, depicts triumph over sin
Drapery (draping whatever object) mourn or sorrow
Eagle bravery
Eye stays for the holiness of the true God. Alone or in a triangle or within a sunburst (from Egyptian tradition), it’s a Masonic symbol.
Fish faith and Christianity (ΙΧΘΥΣ is the Greek acronym of Jesus Christ Son of God)
Flame eternity
Flower bud death of a child
Flower brevity of life
Hands devotion, pray, farewell, ascension to Heaven (depends on where they point)
Heart braveness, courage, or Religious symbol of Christ’s sufferings if trapped in thorns
Horse Courage
Hourglass time passing
Ivy everlasting fidelity, love or friendship
Lamb Jesus Christ’s sacrifice
Laurel victory and immortality
Light knowledge and truth
Lily purity  and innocence (flower associated to the Holy Lady)
Lion Strength and power of God, protects from evil forces and guards the grave
Lyre the end of life (often with a broken string)
Moon crescent :virginity, generally rebirth (connected to moon’s phases)
Oak tree or leaves honour, stability, firmness, eternity
Obelisk eternal life (from Egyptian tradition)
Olive branch (often into a dove’s mouth) means the peace of God
Owl wisdom
Palm resurrection (from Christian tradition)
Passion Flower The Passion of Christ
Poppy symbol of sleep
Pyramid eternity (from Egyptian tradition)
Rabbit humility and self sacrifice
Rooster awakening or vigilance
Rose love, romance, condolence and sorrow
Scallop symbol of the pilgrims, stays for one’s journey on Earth
Scroll the Holy Scriptures
Serpent Life and death (from Egyptian tradition)
Shell Baptism or rebirth
Shoes if empty, they represent the loss of a child
Skeleton death, mortality
Sphinx guardian of eternity (from Egyptian tradition)
Star from Christian tradition, recalls Jesus Christ
Sun setting: death, rising: rebirth
Sunflower Devotion to God
Swallow death of a child during pregnancy
Sword martyrdom
Technical objects to identify the profession of the deceased, e.g. set, square & compass (also Masonic symbols) for architects, sextant for explores etc.
Thistle represents sorrow. Its thorns represent the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ
Torch life (from Greek tradition). If inverted, it stays for extinction
Trees or branches the tree of life
Trumpet resurrection
Urn mourning (from Greek tradition). If draped stays on the grave of an aged person
Willow tree mourning, sorrow
Woman weeping mourning /typically 19th-20th century)
Wreath Victory on death