non catholic cemetery Rome

Roberta Wilde © Art in Death
Rome, Italy


The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners is placed in the borough of Testaccio, Rome and it is also widely known as the Protestant Cemetery although it contains the graves of many Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians.
It is one of the oldest burial grounds in  use in Europe, whose oldest burials date back around 1716. It stays on a slope in the shadows of the Pyramid of Cestius (dated between 18 and 12 B.C.) and its atmosphere is very difficult to describe. The very first thing which hits one’s senses is the continuous, perpetual scent of flowers in the air which makes the cemetery look an out-of-time place.
Among the many notable residents,  the 2nd generation English romantic poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley.


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