Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria

Roberta Wilde © Art in Death 2014

Cagliari, Sardinia Island, Italy

The Cemetery of Bonaria was open on January 1st, 1829 and even if today in evident state of disabandon and negligence (many chapels crumbling and filled with water in the underground burials), it is worth a visit because it’s a real open-air museum where one can admire many works of art by the greater artists both from Sardinia and Italy, among which stands Giuseppe Sartorio who made the most beautiful monuments. Don’t expect a monumental entrance as it has been turned into a square-modern,concrete one which makes the visitor think to a side or personnel entrance. The Cemetery is wide and climbs up a hill through immense, stone-still staircases which dominate the city of Cagliari…but beware the seagulls, they might attack you.

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