Verano monumental Cemetery

Roberta Wilde © Art in Death 2014/2015/2016

Maybe one of the most celebrated, known and forgotten cemeteries in Italy. Founded by the early 19th century it is so wide you need to move around by car or bus .
Resting place of many notables, The name “Verano” a refers to the Ancient Roman “Campo dei Verani” (belonging to a noble family of the Republican Period) that was located here and was built on a catacomb area.
Vaults worth a visit as they are home to many historical treasures in terms of pictures and epitaphs, but their state is very poor so bring a torch and beware your footsteps.
Another very interesting part are all the portraits painted by Luigi Severati, the inventor of enamel painting on lava rock (most famous his portrait of Baby Emma), which look more like photos than portraits.
It is divided into Catholic, Jewish and WWI section and covers an area of about Worth one, two, three visits you will never be able to find the same grave twice if you dare to push in far.

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Suggested visit paths and Cametery map:

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