tower hamlets

Roberta Wilde © Art in Death 2014
London (Great Britain)

today a local nature reserve in the East End of London and open 24 hours a day. The cemetery opened in 1841 (The cemetery was consecrated in the morning; the first burial took place in the afternoon) and closed for burials in 1966. It was very popular with people from the East End and by 1889 247,000 bodies had been interred: Public graves were the property of the company and were used to bury those whose families could not afford to buy a plot. Several persons, entirely unrelated to each other, could be buried in the same grave within the space of a few weeks. Allegedly some graves were dug 40 feet deep and contained up to 30 bodies. It is the only Cemetery in London where you can find epitaphs in cockney. It is regarded as one of the seven great cemeteries known as the “Magnificent Seven”.

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